10th May, 2019:

I have written a new post for New Robot Club. The blog has been running for just over five years now, and I have to say that recently I have become rather disillusioned with the very slow progress in home robotics. In this latest post I discuss three recent robot deaths, and also the distinct lack of progress towards a home robot that can actually do something useful.
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5th May, 2019:

The Pitcairn Postcard Catalogue was last published in 1999. Various updates were published in the Pitcairn Postcard Magazine, but it has not been properly updated for a long time. I have decided that the catalogue will now be published as a FREE download and will be available as a part work. As with the guide to Postcard Backs, also available from this website, it can easily be updated as any further information comes to hand, or corrections are required.

My catalogue numbering system has changed since the 1999 edition. Sections "A" to "M" have now been released. I am beginning work on Section "N to O".

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20th March, 2019:

An updated version of the FREE guide to Postcard Backs has been uploaded. You can visit the download page for your copy of version 1.7, by clicking here.

A study of "real photo" postcards

This book is a study of New Zealand Shipping Company postcards and their photographers. It is a 36 page publication, plus card covers, of particular interest to collectors of early Pitcairn and Merchant Shipping postcards. The cards, some of which are over 100 years old, are real photo postcards, and I have attempted to identify their photographers and also the dates when the photographs were taken.

Further information

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Free digital publication

This 40 page eBook accompanies the above publication, with items not covered in the printed book.

The book has been produced to show the backs of postcards that have appeared in my publications. As a digital publication, without the cost of printing, it is possible to give much more space to the illustrations, and by studying the back designs, sometimes the photographs can be dated to within a few years.

Also included is a catalogue section showing the Pitcairn photographs of Henry Keyse, and a section showing the Panama Canal photographs of David Aldersley and Peter Zerface.

Further information

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Special Bundle Offer

This bundle includes all 6 editions of the Pitcairn Postcard Magazine as well as the Ransom's Pitcairn Postcard Catalogue, in PDF format, for the reduced price of £5.00 (saving £3.00 on the cost of the items when purchased individually).

The individual magazines are also available from the Pitcairn Postcard Magazine page: Further information
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