25th September, 2021:

New section published of Ransom’s Pitcairn Postcard Catalogue

After a long delay of more than a year, here at last is the next section of the catalogue. The letter U includes an interesting selection of real photo postcards by a photographer who gave his initials on the photographs, “FU”. I have not been able to discover his identity, but hope to one day.

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23rd August, 2021:

New enlarged and redesigned edition of Postcard Backs

Now completely redesigned, this FREE eBook has been produced as a dating and cataloguing aid for real photo postcards. It has been produced to show the backs of postcards that have appeared in my publications. As a digital publication, without the cost of printing, it is possible to give much more space to the illustrations, and by studying the back designs, sometimes the photographs can be dated to within a few years.

Also included is a fully illustrated catalogue section (the picture side!) showing the Pitcairn photographs of Henry Keyse, and a section showing the Panama Canal photographs of David Aldersley, Peter Zerface and others.

Now moved to my new website.

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1st February, 2020:


Pitcairn Island via the Panama Canal in the 1920s has just been published as a 172 page, fully illustrated, paperback book available from Amazon.

This book tells of life on a ship in the 1920s, from the wealthy to the poor, who were travelling to make a new home for themselves in New Zealand, or taking long and expensive touring holidays, as they experienced the steamship Remuera, the highs and lows, from excitement to boredom. From a baby, born on the ship and named after both the Captain and Doctor, and the Island that the ship had recently visited, to the very sad accident which brought a sudden halt to the fun of a fancy dress party on board ship.

With over 100 rare photographs, large extracts from diaries written by holidaying passengers, and contemporary newspaper reports of voyages, it will be possible to imagine yourself on board the ship amongst this diverse collection of people from all walks of life.

On each long voyage there were two major points of interest to break up the sometimes tediously long journey – the Panama Canal, and the short stop at Pitcairn Island, home of the descendants of the mutineers from HMAV Bounty. The Remuera had been the first New Zealand Shipping Company vessel to transit the Canal, back in 1916, and this amazing feat of engineering is well described by my two diarists in these pages, together with the many photographs taken by passengers and also the ship’s barber who printed up his images with postcard backs and sold them from his hairdressing saloon on the Remuera’s main deck.

In the 1920s Pitcairn was extremely isolated, and the population relied greatly on the visits of the New Zealand Shipping Company’s vessels to bring much needed supplies and correspondence. I have been collecting and researching photographs and postcards of the New Zealand Shipping Company, together with those of Pitcairn Island, for a number of years. After my collection grew, I thought it would be a good idea to share it, along with the knowledge that I have gained. I hope that you enjoy the book.

UK price £8.95

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24th September, 2020:


The Bounty Postcard Catalogue has just been published as a 135 page, full colour, paperback book available from Amazon.

The Bounty replica was built in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, in 1960 as an ocean-fairing vessel for the MGM film, Mutiny on the Bounty, which was released in 1962.

This book covers the series of souvenir postcards, printed in the 1960s, for sale to the tourists who visited the Bounty when she was on exhibition in the United States. Because there have been many reprints of these cards in various styles, this is a complicated collecting area. It is possible, with luck, to build a basic collection with one example of each of the 37 different cards that are known at this time.

However, if you would prefer to be extremely pedantic, like me, and cause much worry to your family who may be concerned for your sanity, the collection of MGM postcards can be expanded to more than 160 items as detailed in this publication.

UK price £12.95

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6th July, 2020:

Free catalogue

A bit like buses … you wait for ages, and then two come along! Hot on the heels of the “P” section, section “Q to T” of Ransom’s Pitcairn Postcard Catalogue has been released.

If you spot any errors or omissions, please do get in touch to let me know: EMAIL.

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X8 book

All prices reduced by £3,
and including free delivery!
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This book is a study of New Zealand Shipping Company postcards and their photographers. It is a 36 page publication, plus card covers, of particular interest to collectors of early Pitcairn and Merchant Shipping postcards. The cards, some of which are over 100 years old, are real photo postcards, and I have attempted to identify their photographers and also the dates when the photographs were taken.

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13th October, 2019:

Selection of Blogs

There is a new section on this website with links to my various Blogs. I have a large and varied selection of Blogs, some of which are active, and some have not been updated for some time. However, Blogs are a great free way of adding information that really needs to be shared, especially if it is of family history interest, no matter how small the potential audience. I hope you find something of interest, and if you like a Blog, please follow it to get news of any updates.
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